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Politics Police in Cairo clash with Nile island residents, at least one dead, 56 injured

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One person has been killed and dozens injured in clashes between police and residents of a Nile island in Cairo.

play Egyptians shout slogans against the government during the funeral of Syed Tafshan, who died in clashes with residents of the Nile island of al-Warraq island, when security forces attempted to demolish illegal buildings, in the south of Cairo, Egypt July 16, 2017. (Reuters)

Clashes between police and residents at Nile Island over security forces trying to demolish illegal buildings in Cairo has left one resident dead.

Residents angrily booed police for the death of their neighbour and forcing them to relocate.

"We were born on this island ... we have proof of ownership, our parents were born here.. they want to give it to the Emirates to build hotels".

The ministry of Interior says violence broke out when Police arrived at al-Warraq island on Sunday morning, to remove encroachers from state-owned land.

"At least 37 policemen and 19 residents were injured in the clashes before the Police withdrew to minimise losses."

The Egyptian president Abdel Fattah Al Sisi has over the period been campaigning for the demolition of structures illegally built on state-owned land.

"There are islands in the Nile ... according to the law no one should be present on these islands," Sisi said in a speech in June. He ordered the authorities to make it a priority to reclaim the islands in the same speech.

About 90 thousand people live on the 1300-acres al-Warraq island, that is according to a former member of parliament to Giza.

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