Brotherly, There Is Still Hope 10 things to do if you have a small penis

It can be a genuine problem but there are several ways you can still make it work like everyone!

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It’s difficult to sugar coat this but if a dick is two and three quarters inches when erect, it’s a small penis, and it can cause a lot of embarrassment for the owner of the tool. The situation is one that can be salvaged.

As sexuality educator Julian Wolf said "Sex should be more than penetration, and satisfaction can come so many ways,", He also said "Between oral, hands, grinding, penetration, and toys, a good time can be had by all involved, regardless of genital configuration."

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Having a small package can influence one’s confidence, and if you read erotic stories around or even watch porn, it’s always about how big dicks are the thing. The tales and hoe stories always have the impression big dicks makes the world move around, and you can imagine the mindset towards the small dicks.

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Cosmopolitan's micropenis-having source  J.F adds. "Penis size is so often conflated with human worth by both men and women ... While many men with small penises report mentally crushing experiences, it doesn't have to be that way."

There are several things to be done if you’re with one of this kind of packages. Cosmopolitan asked a couple of sex experts and they’ve come up with a few hacks to help you.

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1. Maybe give her an orgasm before penetration sex

This will work immensely in your favor. Giving a woman orgasm before you penetrate her with your dick can take a lot of the pressure of, because you’re trying to make it multiple. You can do this with your mouth, hands, sex toys or combination of all of them. "If the penis-having partner is worried...then helping their partner orgasm before penetration ever takes place can help insure that there's less pressure on penetrative performance," sex educator and coach Stella Harris tells Cosmopolitan.

"I find that 69ing with someone who's below average is a fabulous use of time," Wolf says.

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2. When he slips out, give him lip job

So, you’ve started having sex, and due to the height constrain of the dick, it slips out instead of putting it back immediately, why not try lip job. You’re wondering what lip job is, a word coined to describe Koomah, : "Enjoy rubbing and stroking his penis head or the shaft up and down in your vaginal lips,” Koomah says. "Try a grinding or rocking motion along with working your pelvic floor muscles." By doing this, it will look less than a mistake and more a this is also a thing as well.

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3. Go Cowgirl and squeeze

Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl position is good for people with small penis. In this position, the lay can tighten the pelvic floor muscle that will firmly grip the penis which will in turn rub the clitoris.

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4. Let him use his penis and finger at the same time

Let me explain this, some sexual positions allow the penis to penetrate while the finger rubs and teases the clitoris. If you are on your back, I recommend having their thumb inserted and applying pressure downward toward the anus," Koomah says. "This gives the vagina the sensation of being filled even more and creates a nice sensation on his penis as well."

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5. Go doggy style

Another reason why this is one of the best sex position. This position fits the organs together as close as possible, with doggy, slip outs are limited.

Koomah says that you shouldn't get too hung up on depth of penetration, though, since "the clitoris, vaginal opening, and first internal inch or so are the most sensitive" parts of your genitals. Small penises shine during doggy style especially because they can hit the sensitive front wall of the vagina directly.

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6. Maybe try anal?

So, if you ever gonna try anal, you should most probably go with a small penis. . "Try anal on your side in a spooning position," Koomah says. "Your partner can reach around and rub or use a vibe on your clit for extra stimulation." Wolf says. "A butt plug and vaginal intercourse, or vibrator and anal intercourse, make for some deep orgasmic play."

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7. You can also use a penis extender

The world is a better place because of technology and innovation, an adult sex toy can help, it’s a custom prosthetics specifically designed for transmen. The problem with many extenders is that they don't stimulate the wearer very much, sex educator Kelly Shibari points out.

Sloane advocates body-safe, semi-rigid extenders that loop around both penis base and scrotum to keep them in place. "Once a bit of lube is added to the inside, the snugness and suction make it feel as amazing to the wearer as the firm penetration does to the receiver," she says.



8. More sex toys, how about cock rings

There are abundance of sex toys to help men get better in bed, cock rings are one of them. Rosenthal says that the best things her partner did for pleasure were to get amazing at manual and oral sex and at using toys on her: "Penetrative sex with his penis became secondary to focusing on my pleasure through other means."

Cock rings are magical because they "keep the blood flow in the shaft of the penis, heightening sensation for your partner and providing a very stiff piece of 'equipment' for you," sex educator Scarlette Cyn says.

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9. Don’t lie about it to your partner

It’s not a great conversation started but still doesn’t mean it should be skipped over. People don’t like to be lied to, it will better if you’re upfront with it. "I feel confident in saying that most guys who have experienced a woman lying about their size take it like a jab to the ribs, only the pain lasts a lot longer," J.F says. "Such a lie, however well-intentioned, infers that there is genuinely something wrong with having a small or tiny penis." "If the guy seems insecure at first, just try to give him time to feel accepted," J.F. adds.

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10. Think of sex more than just penetration

The mindset says a lot, if you can think of sex just more than penetrating your partner then it’ll be a better experience because then you can find ways of pleasing the person more. Rosenthal adds, "Because [my partner] didn't focus on his penis or penis size as the primary source of his sense of masculinity, nor the primary source of sexual pleasure for me, he was able to focus more on actual sensation and really get into what we were both feeling" — and that is what sex should be about.

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