Truth Stands Five myths about the human body busted

Since there so many misinformation out there we have taken our time to dismiss some of them for you.

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The information available to us due to technological advancement is unimaginable. What this culminates in is a difficulty to tell the difference between the truth and an outright lie.

We at Pulse have taken it upon ourselves to dispel some of these myths. In other words we've "gotcha".

Today let's look at busting some myths about the human body.

1.  Myth

Healthy teeth should be white in colour

play Healthy teeth



the natural colour of a healthy teeth should be slightly yellow

2. Myth

When you have a burning sensation on your skin apply oil based products

play Pepper



Apply something cold instead, Oil will form a layer on your skin trapping the heat inside.

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3. Myth

Our hearts miss a beat when we sneeze.

play Sneezing



The heart beat rhythm can change when we sneeze but it never stops.

4. Myth

catching cold when the weather is cold is a sure thing.

play Cold



Cold is caused by a virus not a change in temperature.

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5. Myth

Split ends of your hair can be repaired with a hair product

play Split ends



Splits ends are cured by cutting that them


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