True or False Will you be capable of cheating when in love?

It is best for couples to understand that cheating isn’t always a black and white affair.

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One of the reasons people give for unfaithfulness is that they were dissatisfied in their relationships. Their dissatisfaction may stem from the fact of their not being in love with their partners or from their partners not loving them enough.

Some people find this a legitimate cause for infidelity. In the same vein, some people cannot to imagine cheating amongst partners who are in loving, happy and satisfying relationships. The belief is that once you’re in love for real, you won’t be able to cheat but is this true or false?

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  • While it is a fact that people who are not in love find it easier to cheat as compared to those who are not in love, it is also not impossibility for people who are really in love to cheat on their partners. Being in love does not make you incapable of having desires for other people, and acting on those desires.

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  • Of course it isn’t an accident to cheat on your partner; people do not trip and fall into the bed of someone who isn’t their partner. However, not all instances of cheating are deliberate and premeditated; even individuals who are in love can get caught in the trap of cheating when an ‘innocent’ flirtation suddenly turns into an affair.

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  • It is best for couples to understand that cheating isn’t always a black and white affair. This does not mean they have a license to cheat by invoking the “I love you but hey cheating is a possibility” argument; far from that. No one wants to be cheated on, yet each circumstance under which cheating occurs needs to be considered carefully.Forgiving your partner if they ever cheat may become easier if you understand that they do love you. It will pretty hard to forgive if you cannot recognise that being in love is not the cure to infidelity.

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  • Finally, knowing that you can cheat regardless of how much you love your partner causes you to be on guard and to know the kinds of relationships and interactions you should have with other people. You probably will not go on a three day vacation and share a room with a fine guy because you know for sure that you are in love with your man, flee from temptation; you can cheat just like anyone else.

By Dede Williams

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