UEFA Champions League, Group B
SSC Napoli
Besiktas JK
Begin: 19.10.2016 18:45 

SSC Napoli - Besiktas JK


Today's match is followed by 28502 spectators.

90' 445641744 The match has come to a close in Naples. The final score is 2 - 3.
90' 445641132 Corner awarded to SSC Napoli.
90' 445640168 The second half is prolonged by 3 minutes of added time.
90' 445639202 The away team have replaced Necip Uysal with Talisca. This is the third substitution made today by Senol Gunes.
88' 445637196 Vincent Aboubakar (Besiktas JK) has been booked and must now be careful not to get a second yellow card.
86' 445636238 Ricardo Quaresma with an assist there.
86' 445636150 Vincent Aboubakar heads in to make it 3 - 2 at Stadio San Paolo.
85' 445637808 Sergei Gennadevich Karasev blows against Besiktas JK's Ricardo Quaresma for offside.
82' 445632324 Allan is replacing Piotr Zielinski for the home team.
81' 445631362 SSC Napoli are coming forward and Jose Callejon gets in a strike, it misses the target, however.
78' 445628498 In Naples SSC Napoli attack through Dries Mertens. The finish is off target, however.
76' 445626846 Manolo Gabbiadini of SSC Napoli is pulled up for offside.
75' 445626148 It seems as if Tolgay Arslan is unable to continue. Cenk Tosun replaces him for the away team.
75' 445625976 Play has been resumed at Stadio San Paolo.
74' 445625366 Play has been interrupted briefly in Naples to check on Tolgay Arslan, who is grimacing with pain.
73' 445624146 SSC Napoli have been awarded a corner by Sergei Gennadevich Karasev.
71' 445623108 Important block from the Besiktas JK defence as Piotr Zielinski fires in a strike for SSC Napoli.
71' 445622846 Corner awarded to SSC Napoli.
71' 445622586 In Naples SSC Napoli drive forward through Dries Mertens. His shot is on target but it's saved.