Travel Guide 10 things to do in Dar Es Salaam

In today's Travel Guide by Kenya Airways, we present to you the ten things that you need to do in Dar es Salaam to experience the full magic of Tanzania.

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Dar es Salaam is the largest city of Tanzania and the largest city in eastern Africa by population, as well as a regionally important economic centre.

In today's Travel Guide by Kenya Airways, we present to you the ten things that you need to do in Dar es Salaam to experience the full magic of Tanzania.

Mbudya Island

Visiting the Mbudya Island should be on top of your to-do list if you’re travelling to Tanzania’s capital, Dar Es Salam. The beautiful island of Mbudya lies to the north of Dar Es Salem as part of the four islands in the Dar es Salaam Marine Reserve (DMRS) and very close to Kunduchi, a beach and fishing community. The island is patronized by locals and tourists alike who visit the location for snorkeling, sunbathing and hiking

National Museum of Tanzania

The national museum of Tanzania houses five separate museums including the National Museum,  Village Museum in Dar es Salaam, the National History Museum,  Arusha Declaration Museum , and the Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere Memorial Museum with each providing a rich perspective of the nation’s history. However the main museum is dedicated to the history of Tanzania. Some of its famous exhibits are bones of early man, Chinese pottery and a car belonging to King George V.


Msasani is described as one of wealthiest part of Dar Es Salem with several shops, restaurants, beauty salons, pubs, and other entertainment facilities and a local crafts center. It is also well-known for the Coco Beach but you need to be weary of the sharks in the water.

Kivukoni Fish Market

Just like its name the fish market is quite popular for the vibrant fish trade and is the biggest market for fish. It lies on the pier that connects Kivukoni to Dar es Salem.

St. Joseph Cathedral

Built and designed by German architects and workers, the Gothic church and its stained glass windows make it’s a tourist hotbed. It belongs to the Catholic Church and is the seat of the Archbishop of Dar es Salem. 

Kunduchi Water Park

The Kunduchi water park is a theme park with water and amusements parks situated in the Kunduchi community. It is the perfect ambience for a family day outing especially during weekends. You might want to try the water slides and the go kart which remain the most patronized facilities at the park.

Bongoyo Island

Another uninhabited island in the Dar es Salaam Marine Reserve (DMRS) is the Bongoyo Island which is the most visited islands among the four islands. Its shores are popular for sunbathing and snorkeling too.

Uhuru Monument

The Uhuru Torch monument also known as the Uhuru monument is a monumental landmark located at the Mnazi Mmoja Park in the city centre. It is a popular tourist site that attracts residents and tourist daily.

Village Museum

The Village museum is part of National consortium of museums which shows and exhibits Tanzania’s ethnographic history and culture. The open-air ethnographical museum is located on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam and showcases traditional huts from 16 different Tanzanian ethnic groups.

Mbalamwezi Beach Club

It is one of the most popular beach clubs in Tanzania attracting large crowds daily who go there  to party, sunbathe or just enjoy the view of the sea.

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