3 elements that make an ideal Katana, as per Mini.Katana

The Katana is a sword that the Samurais first used in feudal Japan, but it continues to have an impact in today’s modern world.

Los Angeles-based Mini.Katana

Los Angeles-based Mini.Katana are leaders in the world of Katana swords, providing collectors and enthusiasts worldwide with swords that are both eye-catching and steeped in cultural significance. We reached out to Mini.Katana to get their expert advice on what you must consider before purchasing a new Katana sword of your own.

The purpose

Before you choose your Katana, Mini.Katana’s experts advise considering your purpose for your new sword. If you intend to use your Katana within the safe practice of martial arts within a Dojo, then you will be looking for a well-forged strong blade. If you are hoping to start a collection of Katanas for display, you will want to focus more on the aesthetic features of the swords you consider.

The polish


In feudal Japan, the shine of a blade was held in high regard by swordsmiths and warriors alike. When choosing a sword, it pays to inspect and consider the polish of the blade. A dull Katana blade often means that it has been shoddily polished and is not living up to the full potential of its shine. According to the experts at Mini.Katana, considering the polish of every blade before you purchase, is of high importance.

The Tsuba

Found between a Katana’s blade and handle, the sword’s Tsuba is crucial for its construction and aesthetic value. This feature was created to ensure safety for the warriors who wield it. According to Mini.Katana’s experts, the Tsuba is now considered to be one of the most delicate features found upon a Katana, so it is worth viewing several Katanas with differing Tsuba to decide which style you prefer.

The Katana’s use was first documented within the Kamakura period, spanning from 1185 to 1333. Despite hundreds of years that have passed since its creation, it remains an alluring and captivating symbol of Japanese culture. Mini.Katana’s experts believe that it will continue to be one for many more years to come.


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