Fufu is a popular Ghanaian staple food that is prepared with plantain and cassava or yam and eaten with soup or sauce.

The process of making Fufu is a painstaking process of cooking. Most Ghanaians tend to visit restaurants or chop bars to treat themselves to the sumptuous delicacy.

However, if you have no plans of paying heed to Dr Mensa Otabil’s advice on the health risk attached to eating the dish then here are some restaurants in Accra that sell delicious and finger-licking fufu that will make you miss your mother.

Asanka Local is a canteen style restaurant with several branches across Accra that has grown from strength to strength. Their tilapia and goat soups are considered to be the best on the menu if you are garnering to enjoy a bowl of fufu. You are assured to walk back in after you’ve had their hot meal in the afternoon.

Mangoase Restaurant & Leisure Centre

Ghanaian actress, Luckie Lawson’s Mangos also known as Mango ase is one of Accra’s favourite fufu joint. The eatery which is located at East Legon opposite the Del hospital serves standard homemade Fufu with several soups such as Light Soup, Palm nut soup, Groundnut and Abunubunu and a variety of meats/fish. They’re usually opened from Mondays to Sundays from 11 am to as late as 10 pm even if you are a late eater.

Unlike the name, Bush Kanteen is a plush eatery located in East Legon around Abedi Pele’s Junction. Bush Kanteen offers Fufu from the ranges of Ghs 5 to Ghs 100 fitting the size bracket of every Ghanaian.  Their fufu is accompanied with a number of soups and assorted meat. You can also order for mushroom if you’re vegan. They’re usually opened from Monday to Saturday


If you’re in Accra and oblivious of Katawodieso’s awesome foods then you are really missing out on the good stuff. Revellers have described the joint as a hotspot in the city that offers legendary fufu at their wayside eatery located in the heart of Osu. Katawodieso has been in business for close to 25 years and their mouthwatering Fufu will make you miss your mum.

You can find Maquis Tante Marie in Labone in a nature-friendly atmosphere with bamboo sitting and bright yellow tablecloths. The restaurant is owned by an Ivorian woman who offers a taste of both Ghanaian and Ivoirian culture. Since Fufu is also eaten in other places on the continent, they also provide authentic Ghanaian fufu with their nyama choma (grilled, spiced goat) and fish yassa (the fish is grilled in a lemon marinade).

Chez Afrique which translates loosely into English as “At the home of Africa” is an East-Legon restaurant that has a live band and highlife musicians passing through as you enjoy the sumptuous fufu on display.  It’s also owned by a Francophone entrepreneur who also mixes the Ghanaian culture with their cultural influences.

Buka describes itself as the best maker of West African foods in the sub-region and this also includes Fufu. The Ghanaian/Nigerian eatery artistically serves food on their terrace and garden setting for guests. Fufu is sold at 25 Ghana cedis to 100 Ghana cedis and it goes with delicious soups.