The Metropolitan Chief Executive of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) has said that they will soon start using technology in collecting revenue.

Mohammed Adjei Sowah in an interview with Accra FM said the AMA will use a ‘Point-of-Sale’ device that will enable the AMA head office track the number of tickets that have been issued by all AMA officials in ticketing.

“We want to give the contract to a credible company to manage the revenue mobilisation. We want to be able to use technology to collect our revenue."

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“For instance, a Point-of-Sale device that will be used will generate the receipt for the payer of the toll and once the machine generates the receipt for you, automatically it records it in the head office that this person by this name has paid this amount to this person for this particular purpose at this time.”

This, he said, will help deal with potential fraud associated with revenue mobilisation among AMA officials.

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“So, the records of the one in control of the device are captured, the amount paid and the time for payment is also captured."

“This is the surest way of eliminating all the ghost tickets from the system. It will ensure some efficiency in the process,” he added.