Albert Preciado shows others how to make your way to success starting from nothing

Coming from nothing isn’t easy but it can make you tougher. It can make you resilient and unwilling to give up.

Albert Preciado

When you have nothing– there is nowhere else to go but up. Albert Preciado can attest to that.


Albert Preciado is a mortgage industry and digital marketing expert. He’s the CEO and founder of The Mortgage Guys. He has also served as CEO of three other companies: Ambiance Realty; Preciado Acquisitions; and Driven Enterprises. The Mortgage Guys is a company Preciado built on the dream of living and working in West Hollywood.

He started from the ground up. He grew up in a struggling family and spent his early 20’s partying and hanging around people who were not motivated or driven to make anything of their lives. Preciado was in debt and racking up more and more by the day. He lived on his credit cards; his car was being repossessed. It wasn’t until he met his wife that things took a turn for the better.

Albert Preciado managed to get himself together because he had a new drive when he met his wife. Not only did she support him but he wanted to be the best version of himself for her. Because they both believe in each other they were able to build their success.

They started buying properties–they both bought their first property which led to 18 more. Even though every time they bought a new property they later went into debt, they didn’t stop. Eventually, they learned from their mistakes and were able to land on top.

Albert Preciado faced many business challenges. He also puts a lot of pressure on himself to succeed–he describes himself as “persistent and driven which can sometimes be dangerous.” Preciado said. “I was under so much pressure, and every week I was battling heart attacks. There were times when I would go to the balcony at our high rise, and I would consider for a second jumping over. I didn’t because my wife was pregnant, and then another time because my daughter was one-year-old. I told myself, I can’t jump, I can’t quit. I always told my dad, ‘I’m never going to quit.’ This kept me alive and kept me fighting. Every year I was fighting to survive.” He said.

Albert Preciado is now the successful businessman he always dreamt of becoming. It took a lot of hard work. Now, not only does he run The Mortgage Guys, but he also mentors other entrepreneurs.

He had a hard time getting to where he is so he wants others to have an easier time. He created Driven Academy which includes different classes on various topics in real estate and entrepreneurship. He also runs a coaching program where people can apply for a mentorship with Albert Preciado himself. He built his business from just a phone, a computer, and sitting at Starbucks. So can you.


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