The Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Police, Mr Francois Beukman, has commended the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (DPCI/Hawks) under the leadership of Lieutenant-General Godfrey Lebeya for the confiscation of drugs valued at R720 million in Port Elizabeth (PE) yesterday.

The committee welcomed the proactive steps taken by the DPCI leadership to deal with international crime syndicates and the drug trade. The committee has over time highlighted the need for the DPCI to step up its focus on organised crime and transnational syndicates.

"Cooperation with the police agencies of other jurisdictions is key and the committee is in favour of strengthening the cooperation of other law enforcement agencies to deal with crime syndicates," Mr Beukman emphasised.

The committee is convinced that the DPCI and the relevant specialist units have demonstrated their commitment to deal with organised crime.

Mr Beukman also commended the commanders and members of the DPCI in the Eastern Cape for their hard work and dedication.

Mr Beukman emphasised that during the committee's December oversight visit to Port Elizabeth, the committee received high-quality briefings from the DPCI and noted the concerted efforts to deal effectively with organised crime.

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