And for luxury brands, they're especially hot. In 2016, we saw new SUVs arrive from Jaguar, Maserati, and Bentley. In 2017, Lamborghini will join the party. Rolls-Royce won't be far off.

Conspicuous in all this for its absence is Ferrari. The Italian automaker doesn't even build a four-door, much less a truck. The closest you can get is the GTC4 Lusso (formerly the FF), and all-wheel-drive two-door hatchback.

That hasn't stopped people from suggesting that Ferrari should do an SUV. Heck, if Porsche can do one, why not the Prancing Stallion?

After Ferrari announced fourth-quarter earnings on Thursday, which beat analysts' expectations, CEO Sergio Marchionne addressed the SUV question — understandably, as the company is now moving toward selling 10,000 vehicles annually, after keeping it around 7,000 for many years. An SUV would likely be a big hit.

But would it be a proper Ferrari?

Marchionne doesn't think so:

So there you have it. No Ferrari SUV. It wouldn't be a real Ferrari.