According to the airline, its Fly-Fi internet system can deliver similar speeds and streaming capabilities as the broadband connections passengers are accustomed to at home.

While most airlines require its aircraft to reach cruising altitude before making Wi-Fi connectivity available, JetBlue's system is online from the minute passengers step on board to the moment they deplane.

In addition, JetBlue offers free streaming video curated by Amazon in addition to free movies and 36 channels of DIRECTV.

The New York-based airline recently completed installation of the Fly-Fi system on all 227 of its Airbus A320, A321, and Embraer 190 aircraft.

Free Wi-Fi has been available on JetBlue's A320 fleet since 2016.

Last July, for free on more than 90% of its 1,000 aircraft fleet. However, the Atlanta-based carrier does not offer free Wi-Fi for web surfing and messaging.