It seems the Trump family is making an effort to appear more approachable.

After first lady Melania Trump caused a stir when she stepped out in a $51,500 coat during the G-7 summit last month, various members of the Trump family have been seen out in more approachable, everyday brands.

Now it seems Dolce & Gabbana is out, while Target and J.Crew are in.

Ivanka Trump, President Donald Trump's eldest daughter and one of his advisers, was photographed earlier this month leaving her house in the Kalorama neighborhood of Washington, DC, in a dress that was easily identified as a $35 number from Target's Victoria Beckham collection (now on sale for $10).

Barron, the youngest Trump, was photographed Sunday wearing a $30 J.Crew kid's T-shirt in his first walk from Marine One to the White House as a brand-new resident.

Wearing a backpack and playing with a fidget spinner, he looked the model of every taller-than-average 11-year-old. It's made all the more conspicuous because his parents had to figure the family would be photographed during his and Melania's official move to the White House.

This isn't a new political tactic, but it may be a sign that the Trumps are getting more used to being under such a bright national spotlight in which nearly all their moves are scrutinized. Fairly or not, the clothing items that political figures wear are often dissected and evaluated.

The Obamas, especially Michelle, often received positive press for wearing a wide variety of affordable clothing, including pieces from Target and J.Crew. Michelle also wore Oscar de la Renta, Gucci, and many lesser-known designers to more formal events.