It is such an experience sitting at the back of cab and feeling like you are getting ripped off, especially because when you are not sure of how much your ride will cost until you get to your destination.

To help put things into perspective for travellers, Carspring’s 2017 Taxi Price Index reveals the widely varying costs of taxi rides in 80 cities worldwide.

When conducting research for the Taxi Price Index, Carspring took into account factors like the cost per kilometer, cost for a three-kilometer ride, and typical fares from the airport to the city center.

It also looked at the most popular cars driven by taxi drivers to differentiate between legal cabs and unlicensed ones, and noted whether Uber was available in each city.

However Business Insider SSA has drawn out the most expensive cities in Africa to pick a cab from the 80 countries tabulated by Carspring.

If you are holidaying in Nigeria, prepare to take a hit to the pocket. Yes, the taxi fare from the Lagos airport to your destination is the most expensive in Africa. Cape town in South Africa came second with Tunisia's Tunis and Egypt's Cairo placing third and fourth respectively.