The United States Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross Jr. says the US has committed some $5.4 billion to boost commercial ties with four African countries.

Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya and Cote d”Ivoire are the countries set to benefit.

Wilbur Ross Jr.with his visiting entourage revealed this during a US-Ghana business forum in Accra.

“We are all here to demonstrate our support for what is going on in Ghana and in Africa. The agencies and businesses with me here have committed more than US$5.4billion to expand commercial ties with four countries in Africa,” Wilbur Ross Jr. said.

According him the U.S. government and American businesses will continue to demand transparency and accountability in their dealings with the continent.

“African nations should be extremely comfortable engaging with American companies. American firms operating in Africa are required to abide by an anti-corrupt practices act passed by the US Congress in 1977,” he indicated.

“Everyone wins when there is fair and open competition on a level playing field with a transparent set of rules. We made this point clear in our ministerial meetings; we must fight corruption; it has no place in any democracy and no place in civil society,” the secretary added.