The Federal Reserve's emergency bond-buying is slated to aid tech giants, automakers, and communications firms the most.

The central bank announced in late March it would begin buying corporate debt to boost market liquidity and lift firms through the coronavirus pandemic. The Secondary Market Corporate Credit Facility began by purchasing corporate-debt exchange-traded funds on May 12 and expanded the program in mid-June to include individual bond purchases.

In an effort to closely track the corporate debt market, the Fed plans to form an index of bonds through its SMCCF purchases. The forecasted purchase activity is already looking to mimic the market's consolidation. Of the nearly 800 companies the Fed plans to buy bonds from, the top 10 beneficiaries are set to make up about 15% of the purchases.

Here are the top 10 beneficiaries of the planned buying, according to the Fed's published Broad Market Index .

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10. BMW

Daniel Schnettler/Picture Alliance/Getty Images

Index weight: 1.25%

9. Comcast

Cindy Ord / Getty Images

Index weight: 1.32%

8. Ford

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Index weight: 1.34%

7. General Electric

Mike Simons / Getty Images

Index weight: 1.48%

5 (tie). Verizon

Rob Kim/Contributor/Getty Images

Index weight: 1.60%

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5 (tie). Apple

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Index weight: 1.60%

4. AT&T

Rob Kim/Getty Images

Index weight: 1.71%

3. Daimler

REUTERS/Laszlo Balogh

Index weight: 1.72%

1 (tie). Volkswagen


Index weight: 1.74%

1 (tie). Toyota

Reuters/Carlos Barria

Index weight: 1.74%

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