The 5 worst-performing currencies in Africa in 2019 - and how much they have lost in value versus the US dollar

09/18/2019 | Pulse Nigeria | Aderemi Ojekunle
Liberian currency - pictured used to illustrate the story (BBC)

In Africa, the Liberian dollar is the worst currency so far in 2019, dropping 23.7% of its value against the US dollar in the forex market.

Charlie Bilello, a prominent US investor and Director of Research at Pension Partners LLC, recently released this in a tweet. Bilello via @charliebilello compile data on currency economic issues including stock market report, foreign exchange, crude oil analysis, and others.

Angolan Kwanza followed the Liberian local currency, shedding 15.6% of its value while the Ghanaian Cedi lost 10.9% in value against the dollar this year.

Across the world, Venezuelan Bolivar has dropped by almost 100% against the US dollar this year alone.

Over the last five years, Sudanese Pound weakened 87.4% in value against the dollar while Angola Kwanza, Egyptian Pound, Liberian Dollar, and Nigerian Naira lost 73.3%, 56.3%, 55.3%, and 55.2% respectively.

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Here are the 5 worst-performing African currencies in 2019:

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