The CEO of the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC), Mr Yofi Grant has revealed that the centre should record investments by investors more after the banks recapitalise.

This follows a reform the banking sector has implemented during the year and the GIPC boss sees the reform as a move that will attract investors into the country.

The bank of Ghana which is the central bank of the country brought about a reform named the recapitalisation policy to help restructure the banking sector in the country.

Although this policy has brought a lot of reforms in the banking sector, it has as well lead to the collapse of some banks in the country.

Nonetheless, Mr Yofi Grant has revealed that the banking sector has attracted a lot of investors since the central bank made the reforms.

“Interestingly a lot of investors that I meet think that it is the best thing that could have happened to Ghana’s financial sector, then it proves that the Rule of Law works and that things are done properly,” he said.

He added that “We have seen a number of investors come in and ask about how they can go about it when they want to invest in the banking sector and we give them the plan to do that.”

He further disclosed that “the latest ease in doing business ranking has pushed Ghana up by some four points; from 120th to 116th position.”

Mr Grant is confident the ranking will improve further.