TurboTax has partnered with the IRS to help speed up the delivery of stimulus payments to people who aren't required to file tax returns, the company announced in a press release Saturday morning.

The tax preparation company now has a "stimulus registration" webpage where low-income Americans can submit their current direct-deposit information or mailing address to receive their stimulus payment. The product is free to use and includes a stimulus payment calculator to find out exactly how much you're getting.

"There are as many as 10 million Americans who are not required to file a tax return ," the company said in a press release. "Because the IRS will use the federal tax return to determine and send individual stimulus payments, these individuals are at risk of not receiving their stimulus payment. Users simply answer a few questions and then choose to receive their payment via direct deposit or check."

Social Security recipients and railroad retirees who haven't filed a tax return in the last two years will be getting stimulus payments automatically sent to the address or bank account where they currently receive their benefits. Payments for everyone else will be based on the adjusted gross income (AGI) reported on their latest tax return, either 2018 or 2019.

On the IRS economic impact payment FAQs page initially published on March 30, the agency said it was working to "develop a web-based portal" to enable quicker payments for low-income Americans. A PR representative for TurboTax confirmed to Business Insider that its stimulus registration web page is not the same thing.

Stimulus payments will be deposited as early as April 9

The IRS plans to begin generating electronic payments for Americans who qualify and have direct-deposit information on file on April 9, according to an internal document reviewed by the Washington Post .

Those who qualify but haven't provided the IRS with bank information through a tax return, TurboTax's online portal, or Social Security or railroad retirement benefits tax form will begin receiving paper checks beginning April 24.

You must have a Social Security number and fall below the income threshold to qualify for a stimulus payment. Nonresident aliens, people without a Social Security number, and adult dependents are not eligible for stimulus payments.

In order to get a stimulus payment you need to have an AGI below $99,000 if you're a single filer, $136,500 if you file as head of household, or $198,000 if you're married and file jointly.

If you haven't filed a tax return for 2018 or 2019 yet and are required to, you can also do that through TurboTax , which is Business Insider's pick for best tax software this year.

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