10 annoying airplane passengers to avoid on your next trip

Any frequent flyer or even the occasional traveller knows how annoying it can be to sit next to a less than pleasant travel companion.


An extensive survey by an American global travel company Expedia has revealed the most annoying aeroplane passengers to steer clear of.

After conducting a survey on 18,229 respondents across 23 countries, the travel site found that people who constantly kick, grab or bump into their fellow passengers’ seats are the most annoying kind. 

Next on the list is “aromatic” travellers, people who have a distinctive smell either emitting from their bare feet or other parts of their body. 

From seat kicker/bumper/grabber to inattentive parents and overly chatty neighbours, here are 10 annoying airplane passengers to beware of on your next trip:

  • The Seat Kicker/Bumper/Grabber (51%)
  • The Aromatic Passenger (43%)
  • The Inattentive Parent (39%)
  • Personal Space Violators (34%)
  • Audio Insensitive (29%)
  • Queue Jumper (18%)
  • Pungent Foodies (14%)
  • Baggage Mishandler (13%)
  • Armrest Hog (13%)
  • Airplane Mode Violator (11%)

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