• There are several car aps that have enhanced the driving experience.
  • Some of the best car apps help you find parking spots, schedule vehicle repairs, and warn you when you're going above the speed limit.
  • Here are 11 of the best car apps you can download today.
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Americans love their cars.

The average American spends 300 hours a year in their car, and nearly nine in 10 American households have one car per driver in their home, according to AAA . That's a lot of cars and a lot of driving.

Since people spend so much money and time on their automobiles, it only makes sense to use technology to enhance the driving experience.

Whether you need help navigating traffic, finding parking, or scheduling maintenance and repairs, there are a number of useful car apps right at your fingertips.

Below are some car apps that you may have not heard of, but can come in handy on your next big road trip or simply for everyday use.

Here are 11 of the best apps for your car.

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