Some people willtry to stick with the same old stuff, but if you want the title of best prankster, try one of these easytricks.

Keep reading for 17 harmless pranks to pull on your friends, family, and coworkers this year.

Replace someone's favorite things with miniature versions.

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Hundreds of Etsy shops make teeny tiny objects for dolls and dollhouses. Since they're so tiny and relativelyaffordable, all you have to do is find versions of your friend or family member's favorite things whether it's their favorite cereal, a go-to makeup palette, or even theircomputer and replace it with the mini version.

Depending on how quickly they can spot all of theitems you swapped out, thisprank couldgo on for days.

Make them think their phone is broken.

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This harmless trick is perfect for anyone who has given you the password to their phone.

First,take a screenshot of their home screen. Then move all of their folders and apps to the next screen by dragging them to the right. Find the screenshot you took in the Photos app and set is as the home wallpaper.

After that, all you have to do it stand by and watch as they struggle to use their phone.

Or create word shortcuts so that they can't text properly all day.

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This works especially well on parents or people who might be a bit out of touch with technology. Just create a set of "shortcuts" on the person's iPhone keyboard, which you can find in "Settings" under "General."

Havecommon words like "okay," "hi," or "the" turn into any wild phrase or word you can think of and wait for thepanic to set in.

Plant a garden in a keyboard.

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This prankis definitely not something that can be pulled off last minute, but if you have a few days to pull it off , it'll be a huge success.

Just remove the keys, add chia seeds and a damp paper towel, and pop the keys back in place. Your coworker won't know what hit 'em.

Use your friend's phone number for a "contest."

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Put up flyers announcing some kind of funny contest and use your friend's phone number as the contact.

You could ask participants for Chewbacca noises ( like this Imgur user did ) or have them tell their grossest stories. Just make sure that you put a reward on the flyer to ensure that people actually call in.

Turn your friend or foe into a shark.

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According to a trader, this old NYSE prank was always a winner on the floor.

All you do is fold up a few pieces of paper into the shape of a fin and carefully attach it under the person's collar. Get everyone around in on it and yell "SHARK!" as they pass by.

Change every image on your friend or coworker's Internet to a picture of Nicolas Cage.

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Google Chrome/qwertyman1

This creative Chrome extension will have your friend scratching their head while you sit back and laugh for days.

Plant a fake bug in their lamp.

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This stupidly easy prank takes practically no work at all. Just cut out paper bugs (cockroaches and spiders would probably work best) and stick them to the inside of a lamp.

Make sure they're big so that you can hear your friend or family member scream from miles away.

You could also trick them into thinking there's a bug on the loose.

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Take notes from this Imguruser who placed an upside-down cup on the floor with a note claiming that there was an "aggressive" spider inside. Cut up the cup to make it look like the spider escaped, and wait for someone to anxiously look for a bug that doesn't exist.

Fill a box of doughnuts with vegetables instead.

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This is a perfect prank for kids and coworkers alike. Just swap out the delicious donuts for a tray of healthy veggies and await the disappointment like this Reddit user did.

Turn their favorite item into a rubber band ball.

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Maybe they'readdicted to their phone, or treasure their TV (as well asthe remote itcomes with). Whatever the item may be, wrap it with hundreds of rubber bands and watch them struggle to set it free.

Prepare for your friend to hate you for at least a few hours though.

Or take them on a scavenger hunt to retrieve their missing belongings.

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Create a series of notes and clues that lead them to their missing item. You can make it however long and tedious as your cruel, cruel heart desires.

Bonus points if you lead them back to the place where the scavenger hunt started.

Cover someone's desk with foil, sticky notes, newspaper, or wrapping paper.

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It's a tried and true prank thatstill allows you the freedom to make it personal.

Fool people into shouting at a paper towel dispenser.

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There are tons of websites that allow you to create custom stickers. Use that to your advantage and create stickers that claim an everyday object or machine is now voice-activated.

You could put it on a paper towel dispenser ( like this brilliant Imgur user ), the automatic coffee machine at work, or even a toaster.

Do a fake out.

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The only thing better than a pulling a prank is not pulling a prank, but making everyone think thatyou did. It could be as easy as giving someone a suspicious look as they're about to drink their coffee, or you could trick someone into thinking you've filled their office with balloons like one genius Reddit user did .

Switch things up.

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This trick is best done at your home or office. All you need to do is switch every drawer around. If you're at home, put the silverware drawer where the junk drawer is and rearrange the dresser drawers.

If you're at your office, move everyone's drawers to someone else's desk.

Last but not least, prank the prankster.

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If someone is trying to prank you, there's one way quick way to get immediate revenge: Just look at them funny and tell them that it's March 31 or April 2.

It's a short lived prank, but it will automatically make you victorious in any prank war.