• Over 100 new air routes are scheduled to launch in 2020 as airlines grow domestic route networks in the US.
  • All major airlines are adding routes for the busy summer travel season as well as permanent year-long routes to new destinations.
  • Ultra-low-cost carriers are among those growing the fastest with new routes for underserved cities across the country.
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The US is expected to see over 100 new air routes form in 2020 as the nation's airlines continue expanding their domestic route networks.

With the busy summer travel season fast approaching, airlines are adding seasonal routes to popular getaway destinations such as the Massachusetts islands, Montana, and Florida, as well as year-round routes to destinations with consistent demand.

All the major carriers in the US are adding routes but the most growth is coming from the ultra-low-cost carriers and one in particular, Allegiant Air. The Las Vegas-based airline is filling in the gaps left by the major carrier through an expansion of bases in underserved markets like Knoxville, Tennessee; Memphis, Tennessee; Asheville, North Carolina.

American Airlines and JetBlue Airways are also seeing new routes added to connect the East Coast with the Rocky Mountain region through new flights to Bozeman and Kalispell in Montana from New York, Boston, and Philadelphia. Regional airlines including Silver Airways, JSX, and Contour Airlines are also seeing their networks expanded in various markets.

Here are 25 of the newest routes scheduled to open in 2020.

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