• If you are a part of Bachelor Nation, you are familiar with the franchise's host Chris Harrison.
  • "The Bachelor" paid tribute to the beloved host on Colton Underwood's premiere episode and it made us think about what we don't know about the host who is along for the ride with us.
  • Here are nine things you may not have known about Chris Harrison.

There has been one consistent thing throughout the course of "The Bachelor" franchise, and that is Chris Harrison.

The iconic host has helped lots of people find love, given support through hard times, and even married lots of couples.

But even if you've watched every episode there are likely some things you don't know about the man who, without fail, claims that we are in for "the most dramatic season yet."

His hosting skills go all the way back to high school.

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During Harrison's senior year of high school, he was the MC for Lake Highlands High School's homecoming talent show. His mother shudders at the fact that she almost squashed his talent of being a host because he would say out loud a play-by-play of his brother's actions in order to annoy him.

He attended Oklahoma City University on a soccer scholarship.

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According to the host's own bio on ABC.com , Harrison was an athlete in his young life, with soccer being one of his first loves.

He went to college on a soccer scholarship and even played for a bit in a semi-pro league. Guide Live even hints that he could have made it big in the majors.

His first job out of college was as a sports reporter for the CBS affiliate KWTV in Oklahoma City.

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Before Harrison reported on Bachelor and Bachelorette's strategic moves, he reported on a different type of game, as a sports reporter.

His net worth is estimated to be $16 million.

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Between multiple hosting gigs, writing a book, and other projects, Harrison has racked up quite the net worth for himself according to Yahoo! Finance .

When he's not giving pep talks to the Bachelor or Bachelorette, he hosts "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" He's also hosted the Miss America pageant nine times.

He is a father of two Joshua and Taylor Harrison.

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Taylor is Harrison's 15-year-old daughter and Joshua is his 17-year-old son. Joshua is actually the same age as "The Bachelor," which has been running for 17 seasons.

He's written a romantic novel of his own called "The Perfect Letter."

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The story follows a young book editor in New York City named Leigh who attends a conference in Texas and instantly feels a connection to her roots. In the hotel in Texas, she finds a stack of old letters that she wrote that contain all her deepest secrets.

People had a mixed reaction to the book, and HuffPost called it "the best worst book we've ever read."

He originally thought "The Bachelor" was going to be a stepping stone to a "real job."

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In an article by Guide Live , Harrison said that he wasn't sure what he was getting himself into with the show at first. He told Guide Live, "My second thought, 'I hope it lasts a couple of episodes so I can meet someone at the network and maybe get a real job out of it."

He was born in Dallas, Texas and opened a brewery there.

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Harrison spends most of his time traveling the world with the show, but in his spare time he opened up a brewery in Dallas called Steam Theory Brewery .

It was used as one of the locations of the live show watching parties at the beginning of Colton's season.

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