• With a no-deal, or "hard," Brexit looking increasingly likely on October 31, airlines and aviation officials are preparing for the consequences of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union.
  • The process of disentangling UK and EU airlines, regulations, and practices has proved, predictably, complicated.
  • Although there had been concerns that flights would be grounded as soon as the UK left the bloc, interim agreements would prevent that in the short term. However, there are numerous and wide-ranging issues that remain to be settled.
  • Keep reading for more on the impact a no-deal Brexit would have on air travel in the UK, the EU, and throughout the rest of the world.
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As the threat of a no-deal "hard Brexit" looms over the United Kingdom and the European Union, a major shakeup in European and global commercial aviation seems increasingly inevitable.

Fortunately for travelers, the worst immediate possibilities have been largely avoided. Still, consequences seem unavoidable for both passengers and the overall industry.

Here is what to expect:

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