• Elon Musk took Tesla's new Cybertruck out for a spin in Los Angeles this weekend.
  • TMZ published video of the billionaire chief executive taking out a "right turn only sign" as he departed a restaurant in Malibu on Saturday.
  • The truck appears to have manufacturer plates intended for vehicle testing.
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Elon Musk took Tesla's new Cybertruck out for a spin in Los Angeles on Saturday. During his drive, he took out a traffic pylon, and made some other questionable driving decisions.

Video published by TMZ appears to show the billionaire mowing down a "right turn only sign" while turning left out of the sushi restaurant Nobu in Malibu.

To be sure, the sign does not appear to be a legal road sign, and instead seems to be private traffic management for the restaurant's parking lot, given that the driveway is next to a traffic light. In the video, the light is turning green for cross-traffic as Musk exits the parking lot.

A representative for Musk did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

This weekend appears to be the Cybertruck's first voyage out on public roads following the electric pickup's unveiling in late November. The mirror-less truck was also spotted on the 405 freeway on Saturday evening by the YouTube user Roberto Cruz.

The truck appears to have manufacturer license plates affixed, which, according to The Driven , can be used for testing. Nobu, on the other hand, seems to be more of a celebration following his win in a defamation suit brought by the diver Musk called a "pedo guy" on twitter.

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