The excessive consumption of smoked fish is a recipe for stomach cancers and consumers must be mindful of the kind of smoked foods they buy or eat, a study has shown.

The consumption causes colorectal cancer which is a major cause of mortality throughout the world and it is the third most common cancer worldwide and the fourth most common cause of death affecting men and women.

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The Chief Medical Personnel, at Niola Cancer Care Foundation, Dr. Adedapo Osinowo according to said "All fatty meals should be eaten in moderation but if you eat these assorted meats every day, I am sad for you. You can eat them but not every day."

He added that eating 'wele' is also a risk factor for cancer.

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"These parts are risk factors for cancer because of the way they are prepared, they tend to produce harmful substances that can cause cancer. Their preparation is responsible for this. What is important is to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables to increase antioxidants in the body."

'Wele' consumption

'Wele' is not enjoyed by Ghanaians alone; it is a delicacy for most Africans.

The skin of animals like cows, sheep and goats, which are needed for the production of goods like shoes, bags and belts, are being eaten at an alarming rate.

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The continuous consumption of wele means the slow death of the leather industry, which has the potential to yield millions of dollars in revenue annually.

Wele's protein is however, very low in essential amino acids and therefore of low biological value and poor protein quality.