• Engine oil can seem complicated, with all the different brands an grades, but it's actually pretty straightforward.
  • You do need some basic knowledge, however.
  • You also need to know your vehicle and stay on top of its oil-change schedule.
  • For the most part, auto manufacturers have made all your oil-related decision for you it's usually best to follow their lead.
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Motor oil performs three critical functions for your car.

It lubricates the internal-combustion engine, which generations a lot of friction. It also cools down an internal combustion engine, which creates a lot of heat. And it cleans engine parts, which can get dirty.

Obviously, then, you want to make sure that you engine oil is in top condition.

But oil can be daunting, from oil-change schedules to choosing between brands and deciding whether its worth it to pay extra for synthetic oil.

Here's a short guide that seeks to answer the basic questions:

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