Here is what breakfast looks like in Nigeria

We look at various meals from simple to elaborate dishes.

Dodo with eggs is a common breakfast in Nigeria

Breakfasts often vary in different parts of the world. Today, Business Insider SSA by Pulse explores Nigerian breakfasts in particular.

From quick, easy meals to heavy and complicated dishes, here is what the first meal of the day looks like in Nigeria:

Bread and tea

While this could be a considered part of a full English breakfast, it can also be found here. It is not uncommon to see a simple plate of bread, toasted, sandwiches or plain, with spread and tea or coffee in most homes.


Most Nigerian children have a quick bowl of cornflakes, golden morn or oats before rushing to school. 


This is a common breakfast in the country. It can eaten plain or with syrup and a cup of tea or coffee.

Akara and Ogi

A lot of Nigerians grew up having this on a daily basis. Akara (made from peeled beans) is usually accompanied by Ogi (fermented cereal pudding typically made from maize, sorghum, or millet). 

Ogi, also known as Akamu or Pap. It can be replaced by oats or custard.

Dodo and eggs

Another breakfast favourite is dodo (fried plantain) and fried eggs. It can also be eaten with stew or sauce. 


While this is usually had for lunch, it can also be had for breakfast. It can be eaten on its own or with bread, rice, yam or Ogi.

Yam and sauce

This is one of the breakfast staples in the country. The yam could be boiled or fried. It is usually accompanied by fried eggs, some time of sauce or stew.

Rice and stew

Rice in Nigeria is cooked in many ways. For breakfast, it can simply be boiled and eaten with stew or sauce.


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