Some  Ghanaian celebrity couples have been growing together over the years in beautiful marriages, while others are withstanding the test of time without the rings or official piece of paper.

From the outside looking in, it would appear some people have just totally mastered this whole love thing.

Whether it’s your best friend and their partner or your favourite celebrity couple — these people make love look effortless.

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But based solely on the fact that some celebrity couple couldnt make it work in 2017 (yeah, we’re still not over it), we know relationships are anything but easy. At least not all the time, and even the very best couples hit rough patches.

If we take a moment (of silence) to count all the seemingly perfect duos who have already split this year, it could be easy to lose hope.

Fortunately, that tinge of hopelessness won’t last too long, because when it comes to finding inspiring celebrity love stories in Ghana, we never have to look too far.

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Here are 5 of our current favorite celebrity loves!

Majid Michel and his stunning wife, Virna Michel

Majid Michel and his stunning wife, Virna Michel are 12 years into their marriage. The couple marked a decade of marriage in a beautiful ceremony not too long ago

Medikal & Deborah Vanessa

If there were an award for social media’s best couple, Medikal and Deborah would take it 10 times over. Medikal and his model cum songstress wife have been documenting their many relatable adventures on social media throughout their relationship. And we can’t get enough!

Sulley Muntari and Menaye

The way Sulley gushes about his wife Menaye might be the cutest thing ever. The couple met  abroad, and Sulley described how he thinks that the former miss universe beauty queen is probably the most exquisitely beautiful woman he's ever seen.

Gifty Auntie & Nana Ansah

Rumors of this couple’s coupling started swirling not too long ago. Since then, the pair has gotten married and created one beautiful little girl.

A Plus & Akosua Vee

This sweet pair met years ago. Obviously, things did eventually fall into place — the couple said “I do” after years of dating, and we’ve been swooning ever since.

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