6 ways to look like a millionaire even if you're not

You don't have to make $1 million to look like a million bucks.

No matter how much you make, it's easy to wear that powerful and confident aura mostly felt around the wealthy, so far as you pick and choose the right things.

With inspiration from Vicky Oliver's book, "The Millionaire's Handbook: How to Look and Act Like a Millionaire, Even If You're Not," we,ve tabled for you on how you could look like a millionaire, regardless of their net worth.

Here's what we have for you.

Invest wisely by using the one-third rule.

A good suit is a must for all. A man should have at least one good suit, and every woman should have at least one good jacket with matching pants or a skirt. These pair of wears should feel expensive. Shop smart!

Oliver's book recommends sticking to the "one-third rule": Buy "one-third as many clothes as you do now, but spend three times as much on each item." So instead of buying three pairs of pants at average prices, buy one pair of expensive pants and wear them everywhere.

Consider every detail, down to your phone (iPhone) case.

If you're serious about your image, you need to be aware that it goes far beyond your suit.

That means realizing that your desk, your accessories, and even your smart phone's case need to be an extension of your professional image.

Conform your style to your industry, but allow one "statement piece."

It should be evident that regardless of your company's dress code, there's a general way that people dress according to industry.

Most part, you should not try too hard to distinguish yourself. If you work in finance, dress conservatively; if you work in tech, go for casual chic. A good rule of thumb is to dress the way your company's executives do.

Understand that "casual" does not mean "sloppy."

Many people think casual means that you don't have to care. Instead, casual should mean that just a few pieces of your business attire are different. You can go a step further and replace slacks with a nice pair of well-fitting jeans, but don't deviate too far from typical business attire. One rule for casual is that it can be quickly dressed up. For example, bring a jacket on Casual Friday. Then, if an important meeting pops up, you can throw it on.

Subtle smelling perfume

The scent you apply should never be so strong that it distracts someone from what you are saying. The moment you smell your fragrance, you know you're wearing too much.

Dress to appear taller

Powerful people take up space. "Subconsciously, we seek leaders who are tall because we associate height with authority," Oliver says in her book.

So if you're lacking this advantage naturally, you can create the illusion of height.  Examiner recommends women wear heels that are not booties or "strappy" around the ankle, and AskMen suggests that men opt for dark colours to project power. Both advise that shorter people go for form-fitting clothes and monochromatic outfits.

This was originally written on Business Insider

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