The Busch family that invented some of America's most iconic beers may no longer control the brewing company that bears their name, but they are still enjoying the multibillion-dollar fortune that comes from running the company for over a century.

The Busches have spent their $13.4 billion fortune on a 700-acre farm outside St. Louis, luxury vacations,expensive private school educations for their seven children, and a failed attempt to launch another brewery. The family also stars in a reality television show on MTV called "The Busch Family Brewed."

A representative for the Busch family at MTV did not respond to Business Insider's request for comment on Billy Busch, Sr.'s assault charges or his relationship with Scarlett Busch, or the family's net worth, real-estate properties, or television show.

Keep reading to learn more about the branch of the family starring on "The Busch Family Brewed."

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