The model scouting platform included applicants from parts of West Africa and East Africa as part of its expansion and inclusivity initiative.

Zarad who is 16 years old and Cubahiro later compete on the international stage. They will be competing with other winners from all over the world in the prestigious Elite Model Look World Finale which takes place in Europe every year.

The Elite Model Look Nigeria 2019 winners, Zarad Afia Tashana

Speaking to press and media reps after the event, Elite Model Look Nigeria’s Creative Director, Elizabeth Elohor, said they were not only searching for photogenic and beautiful people but models who will fit the latest trends in fashion

“We look at the height (Female 5’9-6ft and Male 6ft-6’3), size (4-8), Age (16-26years), Nose, skin, a well-constructed face, defined features and a well-defined figure.” She explained.

The Elite Model Look Nigeria 2019 winners, Cubahiro Jordy Jeff

Other past winners of the competition include Fei Fei Sun, Ruth Bell, Vittoria Ceretti, Greta Varlese, Benjamin Benedek, Mayowa Nicholas, Victor Ndigwe and Davidson Obennebo all discovered by the Elite Model Look contest and have gone to achieve big things in the modeling industry abroad.