• Acropolis Aviation recently unveiled the interior of its new Airbus ACJ320neo aircraft, of which it is the first operator.
  • The Airbus Corporate Jet family of aircraft are modified versions of Airbus' passenger jets converted for private use.
  • The apartment-like aircraft are a step above the most luxurious private jets from Gulfstream, Bombardier, and Dassault.
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The Airbus A320neo was a game-changer for airlines and is now being eyed by the private jet industry.

The first next-generation aircraft to be produced by the European manufacturer, the A320neo promised and delivered lower operating costs and increased efficiency compared to the previous generation Airbus A320s.

The aircraft has the same shell of its ever-popular predecessor but features new engines and aerodynamically friendly sharklet wingtips, both aiding in its reduced fuel consumption and providing additional range.

While the passenger model of the A320neo is in use the world over with airlines such as British Airways, Scandinavian Airlines, and Lufthansa, there's a small subset of the aircraft being produced with the world's mega elite in mind.

Marketed as an Airbus Corporate Jet, the ACJ320neo is an A320neo modified for private use for when a regular private jet doesn't cut it. The aircraft is the latest in the ACJ line-up, with aircraft as large as the Airbus A350 XWB being offered in the product line.

UK charter operator Acropolis Aviation took delivery of the first Airbus ACJ320neo in 2019 at Airbus' main production facility in Toulouse, France, after which it went straight to Switzerland to have its luxurious interior cabin installed. Thirteen months later, the aircraft is ready to take passengers and is already jet setting around the world.

Take a look inside the newest private jet to roam the skies.

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