Shadow: Netflix releases its first original South African series

It is currently streaming on the American platform.

Shadow (twitter/NetflixSA)
  • Netflix announced it's plans to invest in African TV shows in 2018.
  • Since the announcement, the company has released 'Shadow', its first acqusition from South Africa.
  • It made its debut on March 8, 2019.

Following Netflix's announcement to invest in TV shows from African countries, the streaming platform has released the first original series from South Africa.

This series is called 'Shadow', which made its debut on March 8, 2019. It tells the story of a superhero of the same name who tries to fight the high crime rate in Johannesburg (South Africa's capital).


Shadow is the alter ego of an ordinary policeman, who quits his job to become a vigilante after the murder of his six-year-old daughter. His superpower - a rare ability to feel no pain.

This lead role is played by South African actor Pallance Dladla who told IOL about Shadow's only weakness - his heart.

He said, "Physically and otherwise. He's hurting, man. He's a man who is trying to heal and forgive himself. He gets lost in this self-destruction phase where he crosses the line between justice and vengeance."

The main cast of the eight-episode long series includes Amanda Du Pont, she plays Ashley, Shadow's love interest and Khathu Ramabulana. It is directed by Gareth Crocker.


Netflix in South Africa

Netflix has a South African series in the works called ‘Queen Sono’. It is the first-ever South African series to be commissioned by the streaming platform.

Unlike Queen Sono, which is being developed by Netflix, reports that Shadow was filmed in Johannesburg on a tiny budget. In one interview, one of the leads, Amanda revealed that the budget was so small that "actors were helping carry equipment".


This makes Shadow, the first locally written, produced, directed show from South African to be acquired by Netflix.

Queen Sono is expected to be released sometime this year.


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