The ultimate last-minute holiday gift guide for your partner

We have created this list to help you get the perfect gift in little or no time.

The ultimate last-minute holiday gift guide for your partner
  • Finding the right gift the day before Christmas can be pretty stressful
  • That's why we have made this list for you, consider it as our gift to you
  • It has everything you need to impress your girlfriend/wife or boyfriend/husband.

You have been working all week and haven't had time to get a gift for your special person and now you are freaking out because today is December 24th, the last day before Christmas. 

Don't worry, Business Insider Sub-Saharan Africa has got you covered. From glasses, shoes to perfumes and candles here is the ultimate last-minute holiday gift guide for your partner.


For men

In order to avoid getting teased for buying the usual 'cheap' gifts for your man (singlets and boxers), we have compiled a list of cool items. They include:

A video game

It's no secret that a lot of men love playing video games which makes this the perfect gift for your partner. Getting the latest version of a game he really loves is a great idea.

Tickets to see his favourite artist 


Concerts are big during the festive season which is why we recommend buying tickets for your boyfriend/husband. Surprising him with the tickets tomorrow will definitely get you cool points.

Cool glasses

Who doesn't love getting a cool pair of glasses, especially if they are from his favourite designer?



This is a safe bet especially if your partner is a sneakerhead or simply a pair of quality shoes. You can't go wrong with this gift.

A fun day out

Men are usually ones who take their ladies out. This is why it would be a wonderful idea to flip the script by being the one to take him out for a change. 

You know your partner best so figure out the perfect place for him (preferably somewhere he has never been but always wanted to go).


For women

Guys, we know it can be tricky buying gifts for women that's we've compiled this list to help you out:


Buying any kind of jewellery for your lady is always a great idea. Just make sure she is the kind of woman that adores jewellery.



Like jewellery, gifting a lady with one from her favourite designer is also a good move. Apart from getting the gift, knowing who her preferred designer is will let her know you care and buy attention to what she likes.

Scented candles

Getting scented candles for a woman who is into them is definitely a good idea. Apart from making her happy, this is put you on her mind whenever she uses it.


A spa session

After working hard all year long, taking your lady to a spa would be highly appreciated. You can make it a couples thing or a ladies affair by buying for her and her sister(s) or best friend(s).

A lovely dress

Gifting your lady a beautiful dress is never a bad idea. To really nail it, get some help from her sister or friend.


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