Research has shown the people all over the world are now using Instagram to decide where they want to visit.

Nowadays, a growing number of travellers choose destinations based on the number of hashtags, selfies, food photos and other factors on the popular app.

As a result of this new trend, a foreign transport operator called Hoppa has compiled a list of the top 50 'Instagrammable' destinations in the world for 2019.

This year's list, topped by London, Paris and New York, features two cities from Africa - Lagos in Nigeria and South Africa's Cape Town.

The most Instgrammable destinations in the world for 2019 (hoppa)

Lagos is the 42nd Instagram destination on the list with over 10 million hashtags while Cape Town is 44th on the social media platform.

None of them are the most 'selfied' locations in the world however they both made it to the top 10 list of cities for scenery pictures.

Cape Town is sixth while Lagos is tenth on the list of the most popular spots for scenery posts.

The most Instgrammable destinations in the world for 2019 (hoppa)

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Why you should visit Lagos and Cape Town

This makes sense considering Nigeria's largest city is home to beautiful beaches, museums, cultural artefacts, parks and a great, colourful nightlife.

Places to visit include the National Museum Lagos, Freedom Park, the Lekki Conservation Centre, the Badagry Heritage Museum and the well known Nike Art Gallery.

nike art gallery

South Africa's capital also has a lot of tourist attractions that make for perfect Instagram worthy photos.

They include the imposing Table Mountain, Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, Two Oceans Aquarium and the Cape of Good Hope, where the cliffs meet the ocean.

Some of the best hotels across the continent can be found in Cape Town as well as the world's best airports for 2019.

One&Only Cape Town in Cape Town Central, South Africa

Both cities have some of the busiest domestic routes in Africa.