• United is offering 10% off flights for 1822 year olds wo book their tickets using United's mobile app.
  • To get the discount, make sure you're signed up for United's MileagePlus frequent flyer program, enter your date of birth on your account info page, and purchase your ticket through the app by December 31.
  • Read on for more details on the promotion.
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United Airlines said on Tuesday that it would offer "up to" 10% off of flights for young adults who book through the airline's mobile app.

Travelers who are 18-22 years old at the time of booking can get the discount as long as they book the flight using the United mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android, by December 31, although the travel dates can be later.

United also said that it would purchase carbon offsets for the first 25,000 flights booked through the promotion.

In order to be eligible for the promotion, customers must:

  • Be 1822 years old at time of booking.
  • A member of United's MileagePlus frequent flyer program.
  • Have added their date of birth to their MileagePlus profile.
  • Book through the United app by December 31.

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In order to get the discount, users must be the only traveler on their reservation. If you want to travel as part of a group, you'll have to book separately.

The promotion applies to any flight within the US, Canada, or Mexico, as well as "certain" international destinations, although United did not immediately specify what international cities or countries would be included.

Also keep in mind that the discount only applies to coach tickets including basic economy. It also applies to seat selection fees for those who purchase basic economy.

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