What you need to know about travelling across Africa

A Nigerian explorer and food blogger shares her experience with Business Insider Sub-saharan Africa.

After visiting 21 states in Nigeria and 7 African countries, Ememval Uko, a Nigerian explorer and food blogger, is sharing her experience with BISSA (Photo: Instagram/Emygurrl)

Africa is home to 54 countries, all beautiful, unique and diverse in their own way.

These nations make for wonderful travel destinations as more people have come to discover. 

Business Insider SSA by Pulse caught up with Ememval Uko, a Nigerian explorer and food blogger, who has just one goal - showing people the parts of Africa they never knew existed.

With 21 Nigerian 36 states and seven African countries under her belt, she lets us know what it is like to travel across the continent.

After touring Africa, she describes the continent with just one word - blessed.

Best country in Africa

When asked about her best place on the continent. Uko says, her "best is Morocco."

She explains that is because of the rich history, culture and welcoming people.

In her words, "My best is Morocco, the culture is so diverse, the people are welcoming, the country is filled with amazing landscapes, and their history is rich."

Similarities in culture and people across Africa

She says, "Generally Africans are friendly… they treat you so well as a visitor even if you're from another country, and they are always willing to teach you about their cultures and traditions.

"There's a huge similarity in cultures in each geographical region, for example, foods in Ghana are similar to some foods in Ivory Coast obviously because of the distance."

Differences in African countries

For this traveller, the major difference is with the food.

"Some meals in northern Africa have no semblance with the "conventional" African dishes. But in all Africa is blessed with diverse meals cultures," she says.

Challenges with travelling within Africa

Acknowledging that travelling across the continent can be quite challenging, she replies, "the main issue is the security. Countries that require visas also make things difficult."

"The best way to avoid these challenges is to do proper research before embarking on your journey," she adds.

Lessons learned from touring Africa

Uko concludes by sharing the lessons she has learnt from travelling across the continent.

"I've learnt that there's a lot more out there in terms of cultural diversity, it's more than what we see on TV. Experiencing these cultures and meeting new people teaches you a lot about people and value so while you're amazed at what you see, you come back to appreciate your own," she says.


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