A medical expert explains what happens to your body when you don't drink enough water

Spoiler alert - You run the risk of damaging your kidneys.

Drinking water helps get rid of toxins in the body
  • Today, March 14, 2019, is World Kidney Day.
  • In honour of this day, Business Insider SSA by Pulse chats with Dr Chinasa Trinitta Amadi explains how water affects this particular organ.
  • She also offers tips on how to prevent kidney failure.

World Kidney Day is celebrated annually today, March 14, 2019. This year, the theme is ‘Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere.’

In honour of this significant day, Business Insider SSA by Pulse reached out to Dr Chinasa Trinitta Amadi who explains the important connection between water and kidneys.

According to the medical expert and UK certified nutritionist people who don't drink enough water run the risk of having kidney failure.


Explaining the role of these organs, she says, “The kidneys are important for filtering waste, removing waste products through urine.” You also need it to “produce hormones, maintain fluid balance and minerals.”

For the kidneys to function properly, they need water. In her words, “Water, water, is so good. Drink a lot of water. A lot of water will help your kidneys and help prevent kidney failure.”

How much water do you need?


The first official recommendation about water intake is believed to have been made in 2004. The Institute of Medicine’s publication was titled, ‘Dietary Reference Intakes: Water, Potassium, Sodium, Chloride, and Sulfate’.

According to the institute, the adequate daily water intake for adult men is 3.7 litre and 2.7 litres for women. These days, it is often suggested to simply drink at least 8 to 9 glasses of water.

Another recommendation is to monitor your urine. Urinating regularly (over three to four times daily) is great. Your urine should be odourless, pale straw or light yellow colour.

Infrequent trips to the bathroom or dark yellow urine, on the other hand, is your body’s way of letting you know you need to drink more water.


5 other causes of kidney failure

There are a lot of things that can damage the kidneys apart from inadequate water intake.

For Dr Amadi, who is also the author of ‘Eat to Lose Weight’, this long list includes:

  • Processed foods and drinks - She explains that the amount of chemicals in junk food and drinks like juice, soda can cause kidney failure. “Watch what you eat and reduce processed foods,” she advises.
  • Alcoholic drinks.
  • Drugs.
  • Toxic herbs - “Don't just drink anything,” she warns.
  • Diseases -There are certain diseases like uncontrolled diabetes and high blood pressure that can cause one’s kidneys to fail faster.


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