Ghanaians on social media have launched a campaign against Members of Parliament (MPs) who want to have a 450-seater Chamber.

The campaign which has the hashtag #DropthatChamber and #2MillionGhanaiansMarch is currently the top trend on Twitter in Ghana.

This campaign started after news broke that Ghana’s parliament is considering building a new ultramodern chamber to serve the lawmakers. 

The Parliamentary Service Board has already received the architectural model for the new chamber from renowned Ghanaian architect David Frank Adjaye, the same designer of the National Cathedral.

The 450-seater chamber will come with a chapel, mosque, restaurant, and a museum. The current chamber houses 275 seats for MPs.

But Ghanaians are not happy with this development. Even though the amount involved is not known rumours suggest that it will cost $200million. 

Many Ghanaians believe this money can be used for other needs of the country instead of the intended purpose.

To register their displeasure, some Ghanaians are planning to march to Parliament on July 13, 2019.

Below are some comments from social media.