Monica Lewinsky joked about her White House internship that resulted in an affair with former President Bill Clinton, tweeting in humor that the role was among her most ill-advised job decisions.

Psychologist and author Adam Grant tweeted Saturday to ask his followers to respond with " the worst career advice you've ever received."

"An internship at the White House will look amazing on your resume," Lewinsky wrote, adding an emoji of a blushing face.

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Lewinsky was thrust into the spotlight as a central figure in Clinton's 1998 impeachment hearing after independent counsel Kenneth Starr investigated her affair with the president.

In the aftermath of the widely covered process, Lewinsky was relentlessly targeted in the media and has since become an anti-bullying advocate. In recent years, she has also become increasingly vocal about the affair as it is emblematic of the #MeToo movement, which pushes back against sexual harassment fueled by workplace power dynamics.

Lewinsky's public take on her experience has been in stark contrast to the former president and his wife, Hillary Clinton.

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