• The US government is partially shutdown, but members of Congress are still using their exclusive gym.
  • Some members of the House of Representatives complained to The Washington Post that there weren't enough towels stacked in the gym Saturday morning, and they wondered whether it was because of the shutdown.
  • People on Twitter criticized lawmakers for complaining about the relatively trivial matter amid the shutdown.

Congress is currently scrambling to re-open the government after the Senate failed to pass a funding bill late Friday night, forcing a partial shutdown.

But some on Capitol Hill are concerned about the private gyms that are available exclusively for lawmakers.

"Members also complaining to me that the House gym lacks enough towels this morning and they wonder if it's because of the shutdown," Robert Acosta, a Washington Post reporter, said in a tweet Saturday morning.

Although some federal programs and branches close during a shutdown, the exclusive House and Senate workout facilities appear to have remained open.

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Justin Kanew, a Democratic congressional candidate for Tennessee's 7th district weighed in on the controversy, too.

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Deliberations between the Democratic and Republican party leadership over a funding bill areongoing in an attempt to end the shutdown, but the two sides are also engaged in a nasty blame game. Republicans blame Democrats — particularly Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer — for blocking a key vote Friday night that would've averted the shutdown. Democrats, meanwhile, blame President Donald Trump for reneging on a deal they reached prior to the vote.