The second of the first two 2020 Democratic debates happened Thursday night. Four of the five frontrunners, namely former Vice President Joe Biden who is leading the pack, were among the 10 candidates on the stage, along with a few candidates that haven't had as much time in the spotlight. Google Trends tracked the debate-related search interests throughout the debate and tweeted out the most interesting stats.

Google Trends ranked the 10 candidates by search interest, with author Marianne Williamson being the most searched.

In her closing remarks, Williamson broke the fourth wall and directly addressed current President Donald Trump.

However, during the debate, Sen. Kamala Harris was the top trending topic in search on all of Google in the United States.

Her spike in search followed her heated exchange with Biden on the topic of race in America.

Harris brought up the topic of busing during the debate, causing a surge in search of the topic by over 3,000%.

During the debate, Harris recalled her past as a " young California girl who was bused to school " as part of the desegregation of public schools in the United States.

These two maps show the most searched candidate in each state before and after the debate.

Harris began the night with one state and ended with more than half of the US searching her name.

This live chart tracked the search interest of each of the candidates throughout the debate.

Former tech executive Andrew Yang started out the debate with the number one search interest, with Mayor Pete Buttigieg coming out on top by the end.

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