• According to the Post, top republican lawmakers and donors are concerned about the belligerent and erratic defense the president is waging amid an impeachment probe by House Democrats.
  • On Monday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi released a summary of evidence Democrats have so far gathered in their impeachment probe.
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US President Donald Trump has told allies that he believes that House Democrats may botch their investigation and ultimately decide not to impeach him, The Washington Post reported on Tuesday .

Citing several people who have spoken with him on the matter, the Post reported that Trump told friends he believes that Democrats are "divided and somewhat scattered about how to proceed in their impeachment inquiry."

He has also said that Democrats could "fumble" the probe, and might not even bring an impeachment vote to the House floor, two Trump advisers briefed on discussions but not authorized to talk to the media told the publication.

They added that aides have gently told the president that he is likely wrong, and that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is determined to see through impeachment through.

In the report, sources claim there is growing unease among Republican allies and party mega-donors about the undisciplined and erratic approach the president has taken to defending himself from impeachment.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the report.

The White House has struggled to formulate a centralized strategy for responding to the impeachment probe. Some Republicans are reluctant to publicly defend the president, fearing that his fast-changing public positions may leave them exposed.

The Democratic impeachment inquiry has proceeded quickly, and it is widely expected that it will result in the House voting to impeach the president.

On Monday night, Pelosi's office released a summary of evidence Democrats have assembled in their investigation, which stems from a whistleblower's concerns that the president abused his power in requesting that Ukraine's government investigate Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Republican leaders in Congress do not share Trump's belief that impeachment may never happen.

According to The New York Times , Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has briefed GOP senators on how to prepare for an impeachment trial of the president.

He reportedly told them that this could take place as soon as Thanksgiving, which is just over a month away.

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