• Their new stadium, Allegiant Stadium, is expected to cost $2 billion to build and is nearing completion.
  • Through photos, video tours, and renderings, we've gotten a better look at the sleek stadium, which includes a retractable natural grass field.
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The Raiders' new home in Las Vegas is getting closer to completion.

The Raiders officially moved from Oakland to Las Vegas earlier this year. Part of their move includes a new stadium, Allegiant Stadium, that is estimated to cost $2 billion to build.

Through Getty photos, video tours, and renderings, we're getting a better look at the sleek new stadium that will house Las Vegas' first NFL team.

Take a look below.

Allegiant Stadium stadium is a little outside the Las Vegas strip, but will still be part of the skyline.

MANICA Architecture

Another look at the stadium near Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

MANICA Architecture

The stadium recently shined at night.

The glassy exterior gives it a sleek look.

MANICA Architecture

Another side of the stadium:

YouTube/Las Vegas Review-Journal

A closer look at the shiny paneling.

Construction is ongoing, but the site has warnings about COVID-19.

YouTube/Las Vegas Review-Journal

Another side of the stadium, with the same warning.

A video tour shows the inside is still being completed, though many of the seats are in place. Here's a view from the end zone.

The stadium is expected to seat 65,000 people.

YouTube/Las Vegas Review-Journal

One of the more unique features is a retractable natural grass field that can slide in and out from under the stadium.

The project includes 76 motors to move the 1,500-ton field in and out.

MANICA Architecture

Source: ElectricTV

What hasn't been completed yet (that we've seen) is the 85-foot flame, a tribute to late Raiders owner Al Davis.

MANICA Architecture

The project is not yet at this point, but when it is, it will be spectacular.

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