In the social media age, modern footballers now have enough loyal online fans to start, fight and win a small global conflict.

Each one of them have accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the rest.

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However few can boast of sheer mass of followers that the favourite footballers in the world enjoy. But which African player is the most in the social media world?

Result Sports has come out with a report on the African players winning on social media.

The report takes into consideration three of the most popular social media platforms on the African continent, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Salah tops a list of 60 African Football Stars on social media with a digital community of 18, 107, 322 fans followed by Didier Drogba on 16, 306, 174 and Samuel Eto’O on 12, 871, 174.

Here is your distinctive list of the top 10.

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