South Africa will face the defending champions, Nigeria on Saturday, December 1, to play the grand finale of the 2018 African Women’s Cup of Nation (AWCON).

This follows a win by both teams in the semi- finals which qualified them into the grand finale of the tournament.

Not only have these two countries qualified to the final but they, have also qualified to the FIFA Women’s World Cup will be hosted by France.

South Africa coach, Desiree Ellis, has expressed excitement after leading her side to a historic World Cup qualification.

In an interview after the 2-0 win against Mali, the coach said, “This is not about this team only, this is about South Africa. This is about all the coaches who have been there before us (the current team), the players who have been there before us, coaches in the Sasol League. But most importantly it's about our sponsor Sasol and it's about our South African football federation".

She further noted that, "We would not be where we are if they were not on board. They've been tremendous in the preparation we had over the year. They made sure that we had the best preparation possible, which does not guarantee you success, but this team is amazing. We have a core of over 50 players and they are all amazing. We thank God for this great opportunity. We are going to France and that's what it's about."

Nigeria who are the all times champion of the AWCON have won the tournament ten times are on the other hand very optimistic that, the finals will turn in their favour.