New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is filling in this week for sports talk radio host Mike Francesa on New York's WFAN network and it's not going great.

Two callers into the famous sports talk show attacked Christie on Monday for his record-low approval rating, support of President Donald Trump, Bridgegate, and his trip to a closed beach during a government shutdown.

"Governor, the next time you want to sit on a beach that is closed to the entire world except you, you put your fat a-- in a car and go to one that is open to all your constituents, not just you and yours," said one caller identified as Mike from Montclair, New Jersey.

Christie and his family went to a state-owned beach on July 2 that was closed to the public due to a government shutdown in New Jersey. The incident caused major backlash and caused an internet sensation.

Christie responded that he "loves getting calls from communists in Montclair" and called the person "a bum." Christie also defended his track record after Mike brought up his approval ratings, which are the lowest for a governor in polling history. The caller also told the governor "you're a bully and you've been a bully your entire career."

"You know what Mike? What matters is what you do," Christie replied.

Another caller from Montclair said he was "one of the 85% of people in New Jersey" who do not approve of Christie and asked about the Bridgegate scandal and the governor's support of Trump.


You can listen to the exchange below: